Printable Animal Headband Templates to Wear

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These printable animal headband templates feature an assortment of animals that can easily be worn upon the head of your and your child/children!

You can use these for everything from doing a little theatrical performance to educational roleplaying, or whatever else you can think up to do with the headbands in your house!

About the Animal Headbands

There are 8 different animals, in both color and black-and-white for a total of 16 different sheets. You can use the color versions or print-out and color the black-and-white ones as a fun craft activity before assembling the headbands to wear! The eight animals featured on the headbands are a cat, dog, wolf, rabbit, fox, frog, bear, and mouse.

How to Make an Animal Headband

To make an animal headband you simply take a strip of paper and glue or tape it to each end of the animal’s face so that it will fit upon your or your child’s head. Then you wear the headband and have fun!

How to Download the Files

This entire file package can be downloaded completely for free. Just click here for details.

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