printable emotions: happy, sad, mad and more!

ilana avrutsky
printable emotions: happy, sad, mad and more!

printable emotions: happy, sad, mad and more!

im attaching printable emotion cards for you to print out and go over with your class. you can print out a card and hand over each kid a different card. Ask them to share a moment in which they felt that emotion!

Also amazing for autism and special education:)

If you want you can make an emotion bingo, or even a memory game. Also you can attach them to a board and ask the children at the beginning of each day to tell the class hoe they are feeling. They can tell about the event that led to those feelings. Also if one of them said he was scared, you can start a conversation on that and how every person is scared of different things, and how talking about it often helps. you want the kids to open up and share their emotions. Also, setting an example and participating yourself in sharing the emotions really helps.

hope this was helpful!

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printable emotions: happy, sad, mad and more!
January 4, 2021
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