Pumpkin Exploration

Pumpkin Exploration

Pumpkin Exploration

During the Fall season, we use pumpkins a lot. Whether making jack 'o lanterns during Halloween or preparing pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, they are a very useful fruit! At Highland Chruch Preschool Kindergarten Daycare, they explored a pumpkin in the class by cutting it open and letting the kids examine the insides!

Learning all about pumpkins

The students were extremely excited to peer into the pumpkin and study the seeds and stringy material that made the fruit up. They got to touch the guts of the pumpkin and remarked how the insides felt, "Wet," and, "Squishy." This was a lovely way to study textures and learn about how fruits grow (from seeds such as the kind inside the pumpkin). It was a great day!

Source for photos: Highland Church Preschool Kindergarten Daycare

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Pumpkin Exploration
November 19, 2021
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