Pumpkin Life cycle and decomposition process

Mallory Johnson
Pumpkin Life cycle and decomposition process

Pumpkin Life cycle and decomposition process

Hello! I am a microbiologist, who is very insistent on homeschooling our children. Obviously, science is going to be playing a huge role in their education!

I wanted to do the life cycle for sure, but I also at the same time wanted to do the decomposition process, which will lead into lessons on saprobes, and decomposes, and their role that they play in the environment. After all, we needed to cut open the pumpkin in order to get seeds. why not use that cut up pumpkin to further learning, instead of throwing it away?

We used a pie pumpkin. For a variety of reasons. 1. My kids are 2, and 4. This size of pumpkin is easier for them to hold and work with. 2. When you cut up the pumpkin to watch the decomposing process, you want something that’s going to easily fit into the container you choose.

Pick a container that you can store your cut up pumpkin in. Please be mindful of a few things. 1. It needs to have interlocking lids. It will start to stink after awhile. 2. Kids are curious. They are going to want to see the pumpkin from all angles, and will most likely pick up, and move the container around. Having a tight fitting lid will help prevent “oops” moments. Saprobes, while mostly harmless, can get into the nasal airways and cause a reaction.

Every few days, we will check on not only the life cycle of our pumpkin growing, but also on how our pumpkin is decomposing as well!

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Pumpkin Life cycle and decomposition process
October 4, 2021
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