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pumpkin pie recipe

Briana Bowling
pumpkin pie recipe

We used simple things we had around the classroom. Like a toilet paper roll and made it look like a jar of cinnamon, and we got a empty half gallon to use for milk, and a brown container for pie dough, an old coffee tin for sugar, and the parents brought in an empty butter tin, and egg carton for the rest. We put that in our dramatic play and let the children act like they were making our pumpkin pie. the children have enjoyed making this as our fall theme has been going well. The children seem to be mocking what they've seen when they've witnessed their parents cooking so it's been fun to see. This activity has been fun because we have been able to use math and ask how many they are going to make or how many ingredients did they use.

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pumpkin pie recipe
September 25, 2023
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