Pumpkins Activities for Preschoolers

Pumpkins Activities for Preschoolers

In continuation of our fall celebration, we focused on pumpkins and all the learning  and exploration that happens through pumpkins. We hammered golf tees into them, emptied their insides, counted pumpkin seeds, laced felt pumpkins, made play dough from canned pumpkin, and of course, learned that pumpkin begins with P.

Pumpkin play dough. Canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices created a wonderfully smelling dough.

Sorting pumpkins and leaves at the light table.

Number recognition and counting pumpkin seeds.

Hammering golf tees into a pumpkin. The children absolutely loved this activity.

Scooping out the insides.

“It feels so slimy!”

P is for pumpkins at the light table using translucent pumpkins. I like to teach the letters and letter sounds as we cover our themes. We then review them all at our circle time.

P is for pumpkin using small pumpkin erasers.

Lacing beads and felt leaves and pumpkins.

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