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Purple Color - Flower Garden

Sandra Vagale
Purple Color - Flower Garden

In our institution, the learning of colors is not just sharp learning; they are related to the characteristic of the respective color. As well as the color of emotions and certain notes and sounds in music.

Each day of the week is also assigned its rainbow color, as well as each season and month.

Purple Color - Flower Garden

For us, Fridays are sharp days, sometimes more than 1 color. Then both children and teachers wear something in this color and there are elements with this color in the room.

The lesson starts with everyone telling what is purple for them today. The teacher offers to take something purple (hat, glasses, jewelry).

Followed by a movement game with singing, where you have to look for things in the room that are purple in color.

Together they look at a picture of a thing that is purple in real life.

Then conjure up a purple flower garden together. The spell is performed with a scarf and violet feathers, swinging the scarf and counting the words to be spelled.

The children are divided into groups, and each group is given purple flowers and a vase. Create a composition of flowers. In parallel, they repeat the names of flowers - lavender, iris, roses, etc.

At the end, the children are told and shown a fairy tale about a flower garden, where the purple Si note (doll) walks, meets the very scared purple bunny, and together they enjoy flowers, music and the color purple. Throughout the week, purple is integrated into creative work, sensory exploration, and other pursuits. May the purple color bring you joy, too.

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Purple Color - Flower Garden
February 18, 2023
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