Pushpin Penguins

Amy Jacquemotte
Pushpin Penguins

Our class used large pushpins (you can use smaller pushpins or skewer sticks too) and held them using our pencil grasp. They poked through each of the polka dots to create a penguin image on the construction paper below. Students get so excited to see the penguin they created from their hard work. This activity is great for winter theme and fine motor fun!

*Before we begin this project, we discuss how important it is to be safe with our pushpins while we are working near others. If students' hands get tired from pushing, I remind them to put their pushpins safely down in their baskets and give their fingers a stretch & to shake them out and then they can continue working. They can take as many breaks as they need, and we may even continue this project over a few days if necessary for some students who are still working on building up their fine motor strength.

Pushpin Penguins
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Pushpin Penguins
January 30, 2022
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