Q-themed Q-Tip Painting

.Chloe Thompson
Q-themed Q-Tip Painting

Q-themed Q-Tip Painting

At Gerri's Childcare/Preschool they had a Q-themed week and as a part of that did Q-tip painting on a paper cutout of the letter Q!

Materials needed for Q-themed Q-tip painting

To do this activity you will need:

  • Craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Q-tips
  • Paint--acrylic or tempera works well

Simply click on the desired picture for it to open at full-size, then print it! You can use plain printing paper as well as the A3 format.

Q letter

How to do Q-themed Q-tip painting

Follow these steps to do this painting activity:

  1. Take your craft paper and use your scissors to cut out the shape of an uppercase Q.
  2. Take Q-tips and dip them in your paint. Then use them to dab or streak paint on the paper letter Q.
  3. Once you are done wait for the paint to dry and then show everyone your awesome creation!

Source for photo: Gerri's Childcare/Preschool

Q-themed Q-Tip Painting
July 19, 2020
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