Recreating Monet's Water Lillies

Recreating Monet's Water Lillies

Recreating Monet's Water Lillies

At the Goddard School in San Clemente, they recreated Monet's famous series of paintings focused on Water Lillies, specifically the one that featured a bridge.

Creating their own version of Monet's work

The children had some painter's tape put on their canvases to serve as the bridge so they wouldn't immediately cover that part of the painting. Then they worked at spreading blue paint all around and following that up with green, yellow, and white paint that allowed them to create beautiful water lilies in their water. Once that was done they peeled away the painter's tape and could fill in the revealed area with some more paint if they wanted or leave it blank as a kind of negative space that looked really neat!

Learning all about Monet

The children had a fantastic time learning about Monet and how he used his paintings to create beautiful scenes of nature!

Source for photos: The Goddard School of San Clemente

Recreating Monet's Water Lillies
July 18, 2021
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