Reindeer-Themed Number Match Activity

Reindeer-Themed Number Match Activity

Reindeer-Themed Number Match Activity

This number comprehension activity uses Reindeer to help students understand the various ways to illustrate numbers and do math equations to determine a number.

For this activity the Reindeer have a number on their torso and then students need to find the hooves that equal that number either via a symbol (such as a hand holding-up the matching fingers) or a math equation (such as how 2+1 would equal the number three).

It is a fun way to tie-in learning about numbers with Christmas Reindeer!

Number Match Printables

12 sheets

Also, here are some blank hooves that you can write more equations in for students to use.

How to Download This Activity for Free

Should you want to download the file package with all of these printables for free you can! Click here to learn about how to download the worksheets at no cost to you!

You also can purchase the worksheets if you desire by visiting this website.

Reindeer-Themed Number Match Activity
December 23, 2019
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