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Robin Canterbury student/ daycare worker

Robin Canterbury
Robin Canterbury student/ daycare worker

Hi my name is Robin, I am currently in school (55 years young) studying in the Early Childhood Education program, I am in my third semester. It's always been my dream to work with kids, but life happened, so I decided to pursue my dream. I also work at a wonderful daycare, I started last May 2022. I am hearing impaired. You know how they say animals are therapeutic but, I just don't feel it when I am petting an animal, don't get me wrong, I love animals but I don't get that "comfort" feeling from them. I do get it from kids, I love working with them, they really know how to make your day a little brighter. I have four kids, 2 girls, and two boys. I have 7 grandkids, all girls. I am looking forward to getting to know you all here, and learn some tips. In school, one of my classes it early language and lit, so we had to pick a folklore book and we have a read out loud project to do. I am doing my favorite story, "stone soup"

when I am done planning the project, I will send pictures. :)

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Robin Canterbury student/ daycare worker
February 18, 2023
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