Rock Clock Craft for Kids

Rock Clock Craft for Kids

Rock Clock Craft for Kids

At BrightPath Kids they made a clock out of rocks purchased from the craft store that they painted! It was fun to paint the rocks and then they learned about the proper number placement for clocks too! It was very fun.

How to make a rock clock

To make your own rock clock you will need rocks, paint (acrylic or tempera works best, some bottle caps, a marker, and some pieces of cardboard for the clock body. Once you've gathered these materials follow these steps:

1. Take your rocks and count out 12.

2. Paint each rock a different color, or all the same color if you prefer!

3. Wait for the paint to dry.

4. Once the paint has dried use white paint to write the numbers 1 through 12 on each rock.

5. Wait for the paint to dry again.

6. Take your bottle caps and upon each one write multiples of 5 for the clock (00, 05, 10, 15, and so forth).

7. Now it is time to assemble the clock! Place each rock and bottlecap on the cardboard where it belongs, an adult may need to help if you don't know your numbers super well.

8. Place some little strips of cardboard down to be the hands of the clock.

9. You've finished your rock clock!

Source for photos: BrightPath Kids

Rock Clock Craft for Kids
August 21, 2020
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