Pancake Creation Role Play Station for Preschool Students

.Grace Robinson
Pancake Creation Role Play Station for Preschool Students

Pancake Creation Role Play Station

At Jellytots Childcare-Ofsted Registered Childminders in Grange, United Kingdom, they spent a recent morning exploring a pancake creation role play station before enjoying some real-life delicious pancakes as a snack!

The class talked about the steps that go into creating a pancake and then practiced making them!

Pancake Making Practice

When it came to making the pancakes, first everyone examined how pancake batter looks before it is put in the pan to cook. So that no one would get dirty hands the batter was placed in a large sealable bag and then the children were allowed to squish it and make patterns in the batter.

After looking-over the batter the students enjoyed, "Cooking," their pretend pancake over a mini camping stove--some kids even tried to flip their pancakes. A lot of the pancakes that were flipped landed on arms, tables, or the floor, but it was a great effort from the kids!

After, "Cooking," their pancakes the class worked on everyone's cutting skills, using cooked pieces of pancakes to work on safely cutting them apart into pieces before placing the cut-up pieces into bowls that they used utensils to mix around and scoop-up.

Lastly, the class read the book, 'Mama Panya's Pancakes," while they ate real pancakes for their snack. It was a great idea for the students to practice cutting pancakes as it was helpful when they ate their own pieces for a snack! The kids all loved cutting-up their pancakes into chunks they munched on. It was a yummy snack that filled everyone's tummies!

Jellytots Childcare-Ofsted Registered Childminders.
Grange, United Kingdom

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Pancake Creation Role Play Station for Preschool Students
February 26, 2020
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