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Rooms In a House

Fatimah Az-Zahra
Rooms In a House

In this lesson students learned about rooms in a house.

First we started off with the Hello Song.

Then did a warm up game Simon says. After that we listened to a rooms in a house song on YouTube then we continued to learn more about rooms with flash cards of different rooms in a house.

Bedroom ,Kitchen, Laundry room, Bathroom etc. Students then discussed as a class what things you could find in each room. I also had this interactive kitchen flashcard where students could come up to the front of the class and stick different kitchen items on the board.

I'll uploada photo here.

Rooms In a House

I didn't get a chance to take pictures during the lesson but here's a picture of us all together after the lesson.

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Rooms In a House
October 15, 2023
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