Safe-to-Eat Color Mixing Activity

Safe-to-Eat Color Mixing Activity

Safe-to-Eat Color Mixing Activity

Sometimes the littlest ones at a preschool or daycare will want to put anything and everything in their mouths. Students with special needs may also sometimes attempt to chew on or eat objects. With this in mind, they did a safe-to-eat color mixing activity at Green Meadows Preschool! By using pudding and food coloring it was safe for the kiddos to eat.

How this color-mixing activity was done

To do this activity the teachers took vanilla pudding (which was white-ish) and added drops of food dye to it. They used orange and green but you can use any colors that you think would blend well. The children were then given paintbrushes and guided in mixing the two puddings together to create a neat blend of colors. If they wanted to use their hands that was okay too, and if any pudding got in their mouth it was perfectly fine!

Source for photos: Green Meadows Preschool

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Safe-to-Eat Color Mixing Activity
November 14, 2021
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