Save the Planet Game

Save the Planet Game

Save the Planet GameWe all want to save and protect our planet and very important to talk with kids about plastic pollution. We invited children to think about what can be useful and harmful to the environment.The teacher showed a presentation on how we can replace items with safer ones.For the game "Happy and Sad Planet" you need objects that can be easily found in every home:

  • ear sticks,
  • a toothbrush,
  • a straw,
  • pictures from magazines.    
  All items must be mixed so that children can think and choose on their own. The kids glued pictures and objects with double-sided tape. For older children, you can increase the number of objects. This game can only be done with pictures, but experience shows that it is more interesting when we use real objects from life. Everyone did a great job!

Save the Planet Game
August 12, 2020
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