Science Experiments

Zeany Guzman
Science Experiments

This Science experiment were fun to work with. It showw how plants give us the oxygen we need to breathe.

Science behind the experiment

The bubbles you observed on the leaf and sides of the glass were oxygen. Leaves take in carbon dioxide and through the process of photosynthesis they create food for the plant. Oxygen is a by product of this and goes into the air. The we breathe contains 21% oxygen produced by plants.


Green leaf

Clear glass



Small hand lens optional


Cut a green leaf off of a plant and fill a glass with water.

Place the leaf in the glass and put glass containing the leaf in a sunny location.

Make a prediction what you will see in an hour. Write down your prediction on a piece of paper.

After an hour carefully look at the leaf and side of the glass.

You should be able to see lots of tiny bubbles that have formed on the edges of the plant and on the side of the glass. If you are having a hard time seeing the bubbles you might get a small hand lens to observe the edges of the leaf.

Try these plant experiments

Leave the plant in the sunlight for several more hours. Do the bubbles increase or decrease.

Take two glasses of water and place a fresh leaf in each one. Place one leaf in a dark area and the other in sunlight for two hours and then observe how much oxygen each leaf produced.

Science Experiments
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Science Experiments
August 19, 2021
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