Sea Monster Creation

Daria Sariel
Sea Monster Creation

Sea Monster Creation

We created a sea monster of our own. Children were divided into groups and each group was assigned one part of the monster's body. There was head, body, limbs and extra. There were few options in every category: for head we had shapes as triangle, square and round; for body we had big, small and flat; for limbs we had tentacles, claws and fins; for extras we had tail, spikes and horn. We also had few colors to choose from: green, yellow, orange, red and blue. The whole idea was that children would choose one of each part, without knowing what they will make and then choose the color as well. And so we ended up with green triangle head, small blue body, blue tail and yellow tentacles. It was super fun and we made a real monster thanks to not knowing what it's gonna look like at the end. Each group worked on their own part and then we glued it all together. What a scary sea monster!

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Sea Monster Creation
July 10, 2022
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