Seasons of the year

Seasons of the year

Learning the 4 seasons of the year can be difficult for kids that are learning English.

We did it in a fun way, using pictures, tissue paper, colors, glue, color sheets, and with a good attitude.


First I will begin by introducing the season " Spring" show a few pictures tell them how is the weather, I will ask who was born between those months to tell them they were born during that season and that each season lasts for 3 months. After I will tell them what I like about that and then they start engaging and telling me about what they like or don't like.

Then we get our material ready.

We start it all together step by step:

1st we cut the pictures that have birds, flowers, rainbows, etc. Once they finish cutting they draw the trunk of the three with their Crayola.

2nd they grab their green paper tissue and make little balls and begin doing the tree.

3rd they glue the pictures and then glue the letters to form the word "Spring"

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Seasons of the year
February 24, 2021
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