Seasons-Themed Worksheets for Preschoolers

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These worksheets are themed for the various seasons! They are great to incorporate into any unit discussing the seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Sunny Day

For this worksheet, students count the total number of each shape and then write it down at the bottom of the worksheet within the matching shape. Then they color everything the matching color of that shape, with leaves being kept green.

Maple Leaf Worksheet

This worksheet is a lot like the Sunny Day one. Students count each shape and write the total within the matching shape before then coloring the shapes that color.

Birdhouse Shapes Worksheet

To do this worksheet students color the birdhouses the same color as the matching shapes. Then they color the birds any color they would like!

Snowmen Worksheet

For this worksheet students color-in the shapes that each snowman is made out of.

Tree Shapes Worksheet

This worksheet had students color the bird and its birdhouse any color they like before coloring-in the leaves that are assorted shapes the matching color of the bottom shapes.

Snake Forms

Students can color the snakes any color they would like before cutting and pasting the shapes within the matching snake!

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