Seed-Planting Activity for Toddlers

Seed-Planting Activity for Toddlers

Seed-Planting Activity for Toddlers

At Mary's Little Lamb Learning Academy, the students learned about how plants grow by planting some seeds themselves in dirt and then helping water their soil until a plant began to emerge! It was a great activity to see in real-life how plants grow out of seeds and the children had a feeling of accomplishment seeing the seeds they planted sprout into plants!

Materials needed for this activity

To do your own seed-planting activity you will need the following:

*Seeds (pepper, tomato, or any easier-to-grow plant works)

*Fresh dirt/soil

*A small pot

*Water in a watering can or cup

*Gloves (optional if you don't want to get your hands dirty)

How to do the seed-planting activity

Follow these steps to do this activity:

1. Put on your gloves if you are using some.

2. Scoop some fresh dirt into your pot.

3. Grab a few seeds and gently push them into your soil.

4. Water your soil.

5. Place your pot in a bright area (such as by a window)

6. Continue to water the dirt in your pot daily.

7. After some days your plant will sprout!

8. Keep watering your plant so it grows big!

Source for photos: Mary's Little Lamb Learning Academy

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Seed-Planting Activity for Toddlers
October 15, 2020
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