Self-Contained Nature Hunt Activity for Kids

At BrightPath Kids they had immense fun doing a nature hunt that was self-contained! They were given a list of items to find and proceeded to locate them. It was good fun.

How to do a nature hunt

To do your own nature hunt you should follow certain steps:

  1. Go out in nature and gather items for your self-contained nature hunt. You can gather leaves, twigs, flowers, and so forth.
  2. Put each individual item found in nature in a tub or container in the room/backyard/self-contained environment where the kids will, “Hunt,” for them.
  3. Create a sheet with the various items listed that kids will need to, “Hunt,” for that you found in nature.
  4. Give the children the sheets with the items to look for in nature and then have them start exploring the room/backyard/self-contained environment until they have gathered everything!

Source for photos: BrightPath Kids

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