Sensory Bin Treasure Hunt Activity for Letters, Numbers, and Shapes

At Peter Pan Schools in Alameda California, they thought-up a sensory bin treasure hunt for letters, numbers, and shapes!

By using a plastic bin as a sensory bin along with wooden or foam letters, numbers, and shapes you can have fun with all kinds of sensory materials like rice, flour, pasta, salt, beans, water beads, and more!

Sensory Bin Treasure Hunt Suggestions

Here are some helpful tips for doing a sensory bin treasure hunt:

If you’re doing this activity with older children you can have them sort and match the letters, numbers, and shapes as they remove them from the sensory bin and place them in particular orders or on puzzle boards the items were taken off of.

For less of a mess use something like a bedsheet, towel, mat, or blanket as a base area where the sensory play happens because it will then be easier to clean-up and sets a boundary-area for your children.

You can use a different item each day (Letters, numbers, shapes) or all at once if you want to present an extra challenge to your kids!

Peter Pan Schools
Alameda, CA, United States

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