Sensory play with colours

Sensory play with colours

Kinder children enjoy exploring mixing colours with a sensory play activity mixing cornflour and water coloured with food colouring.

This is a great activity to develop collaboration, to calm and settle children who tend to be senory seeking and for children to learn about colour and colour mixing.

The goop can be left to dry out and then reconstituted with water. It also forms a chalky texture when it's dry and the kids enjoy playing with that too.

Sometimes we use simple colours and transform the goop into an ocean for our marine animals or form another play setting for other games.

I find some of my children with the most challenging behaviours can become very engaged in this simple activity and spend ages with their hands in the tuff tray.

I would certainly recommend smocks if any parents are a bit precious about children coming home dirty.

Sensory play with colours
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Sensory play with colours
July 29, 2022
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