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Sensory toys for hands

Sandra Vagale
Sensory toys for hands

Sensory play with hands is very important for children's physical, mental and emotional development. Most importantly, children are very fascinated, interested and allow to discover new experiences and skills.

Sensory toys for hands

Natural materials can be used very well in this type of lessons - from trees and cereals, legumes, found by the sea and in the meadow.

Kitchen utensils, various containers, buttons, balls, fabrics, ribbons - from different materials, applications and different surfaces - give the child a rich sensory experience and the way it is used. All we have to do as adults is create the environment and be there to take care of the child's safety and support. He himself will show how you can experiment, explore and work with them.

To make the materials more diverse, they can also be prepared using different substances, of course so that they are not harmful to the child's health - plant coloring, slime, plastic materials, etc.

hese activities can be used at different ages, it is recommended for older children to schedule them after active intellectual activities as relaxation, which can be combined with soothing music and atmosphere in the room as well. Let these ideas be useful as an impulse for new interesting activities with children!

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Sensory toys for hands
February 10, 2023
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