Shadow Puppets Activity

.Emily Davis
Shadow Puppets Activity

Shadow Puppets Activity

Amazing Life Games Preschool helped provide directions to their students who are learning from home via virtual learning on how to create and play with shadow puppets!

How to create and play with shadow puppets

To do this activity you will need scissors, heavy paper stock, and a dark room with a flat wall/canvas and a bright & focused light source such as a flashlight.

Once you have everything you need, use your scissors to cut shapes out of the heavy paper stock. You can make people, vehicles, whatever you want to tell a fun story! After everything is prepared make your room dark and put the flashlight behind the shadow puppets so it shows their shadows on your flat wall/canvas and you can tell a shadow puppet story!

Source for photo: Amazing Life Games Preschool

Shadow Puppets Activity
August 7, 2020
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