Shape "monsters"

Taylor Coyle
Shape "monsters"

In this activity, we made shape monsters. First, the child had to pick out different color construction paper as well as the correct amount for the shapes I had asked. Then we thought of the shapes that we were going to create together. Going one by one, we crafted the shapes. The child traced the outline I drew and cut most of them with child safety scissors. After the shapes were all cut out we decorated them creating different faces on each shape. We used smaller shapes for the mouth. We tried to vary the shape of each mouth from shape to shape. During the activity we would talk about the different type of shapes and think of other things that could be in the shape that we were cutting out. After we were done, we counted how many shapes we made (again) and lined them up next to one another. This activity was hung up on the wall nearby for future reference when the shape was discussed again.

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Shape Penguins ...

Shape "monsters"
September 21, 2020
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