Shapes and colors

Joyce M
Shapes and colors

The lesson was all about shapes and colors.

It started with the circle time opening songs and after formal discussion. The teacher introduced first the different shapes such as the circle, rectangle, square, and diamond. Children listened to the story of every shape and they found it very amusing and it helped them remember the shapes just by the story. The game began, the teacher instructed the children carefully that they need to look for objects that have the same shape as on the given different pictures. The teacher allowed them to do a trial and the moment they have had understood the game. They began and all of them were so seriously busy looking for objects that were the same on the given pictures.

Shapes and colors

They were so dedicated to looking for more objects and they were having fun helping each other too.

After the game, they were so happy looking at each other success. The next lesson was all about colors. The teacher instructed them to mix colors and do something creative.

All of them were having fun painting and feeling the paint on their hands.

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Shapes and colors
November 6, 2021
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