Shape and Counting Worksheets

These free printable worksheets all involve the identification and counting of shapes.

They help students not only with being able to know which shape is which (a circle versus a square) it assists them in their counting skills as they count-up how many of particular shapes there are on a worksheet.

How to Download the Files

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How to Download for Free!

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You also have the option to purchase shape worksheets at this website.

Whale Shapes Worksheet

This worksheet has a whale who is full of shapes! Students need to color each shape its matching color (squares a red, rectangles are blue, triangles are green, and circles are yellow). Once students have done this they count-up each shape and fill in the graph below to illustrate how many of each shape there are (which has the least or most, and so forth).

Flower Shapes Worksheet

This worksheet is a bit like the Whale Shapes worksheet except students can color the shapes whatever colors they like (as long as it does not confuse them)! As with the Whale Shapes worksheet they count-up each shape and fill-in the graph to display how many there are of each shape.

This worksheet is a little more complicated than the Whale Shapes worksheet so it is generally better to be sure students understand the Whale Shapes worksheet and then have them do this Flower Shapes one.

House Shapes Worksheet

This worksheet has a house and a scene around it where everything is made-out of shapes! The worksheet says how many of each shape there are to find, and once students have found them all they can color-in the worksheet too!

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