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Shiny Snowflakes Painting on Foil

Brandi Bauer
Shiny Snowflakes Painting on Foil

Shiny Snowflakes Painting on Foil

Do you want more process art than product driven art? If so, give our Shiny Snowflakes project a try!

Shiny Snowflakes project

Materials you will need:

1. Foil

2. Winter paint colors (I used white, blue, light blue and purple)

3. Thread Spools

4. Glitter

5. Marker to label artwork with


Each child will get a piece of foil with their name on it.

The child will paint on the shiny side of the foil.

The child will dip the thread spool into the paint and make a print on the foil.

Allow the child to do this as many times as they would like to make it their unique artwork.

Once the child is finished making the prints (snowflakes) on the foil, sprinkle with glitter.

Shake off excess glitter (into the garbage can or a plate, etc. whatever works for you)

Once dry you have a sparkling and shiny snowflake scene!

Who wouldn't love this winter wonderland scene!

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Shiny Snowflakes Painting on Foil
January 9, 2023
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