Shoebox Color-Matching Craft & Activity

Shoebox Color-Matching Craft & Activity

Shoebox Color-Matching Craft & Activity

At Jellytots Childcare-Ofsted Registered Childminders, they did this fun craft with a shoebox that resulted in the creation of a fun matching game! You can make this too for your class and then enjoy playing with it.

Materials needed for this craft

To make this craft and play the matching game you will need the following:



*Permanent Markers of various colors

*Felt balls that match the marker colors

How to create the game and play it

Follow these steps to do the craft and make the shoebox matching game and then enjoy it:

1. Cut a hole in the shoebox and color around the hole with one of your permanent markers that match a felt ball.

2. Repeat cutting holes and coloring around the hole until you've used up all the colors that have a matching felt ball.

3. Make a design with the markers if you want as well, use any holiday theme that matches the time of year--such as Christmas!

4. Pick up one of your felt balls and put it in the matching hole.

5. Put all your felt balls in the holes, then open the shoebox when done, and take all the felt balls out so you can play again!

Source for photos: Jellytots Childcare-Ofsted Registered Childminders

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Shoebox Color-Matching Craft & Activity
December 14, 2020
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