Sidewalk Chalk Activities for Kids

Game 3

At BrightPath Kids they used sidewalk chalk in creative ways. They didn’t just color images, they created games the kids could play out of the chalk!

Some Sidewalk Chalk Games You Can Play

Game 1

Some games you can create and play with sidewalk chalk include but are not limited to:

  1. Hopscotch–A classic game loved by children for hundreds of years. You hop on the squares with one foot or two!

    Game 2

  2. Flower Jump–Jump from flower to flower along a path.
  3. Dance Break–Walk into the square/cloud/etc. that says, “Dance Break,” and do a fun dance!

    Game 4

  4. Line Walking–A bit like walking a tightrope, stay on the line and be careful not to, “Fall off,” of it!

Source for Pictures: BrightPath Kids

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