Sight word search

Suly Acosta
Sight word search

I find that when children are learning a sight word, it helps to not only write the word various times but also to search it, to recognize that the word is its own entity and to compare it to other words.

The word search is we.

We see the trees. We see the cars. we see the dog. we see the cat. we see the swings. we see the slide. we see the bence. we see the see-saw. we see the kids. we see the dogs. we see the birds. we are at the park. we see a bus. we see the driver. we are going to the bus stop to catch the bus. where are we going? We are going to the beach. we will play on the sand. we will play in the water. we will play all day.

How many we did you find?

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Sight word search
December 15, 2021
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