Simple Bird Feeder Craft for Kids

Simple Bird Feeder Craft for Kids

Simple Bird Feeder Craft for Kids

At Mayford PreSchool, they did a simple bird feeder craft which the children loved creating! Making a bird feeder out of a bunch of wood and nails can be difficult for little ones, but this simple bird feeder was easy and fun to create!

Materials needed for this craft

To do this craft you will need the following:

*Toilet paper roll



*Plastic/aluminium/etc. container to hold the birdseed


How to make your simple birdfeeder

Follow these steps for the craft:

1. Pour a bunch of birdseed into your container.

2.Take your butter and rub it all over the toilet paper roll, this will make it sticky for the next step.

3.Roll your toilet paper roll around in the birdseed so that it gets covered in it.

4. Loop your string through your toilet paper roll, now you have a simple bird feeder!

5. Hang your simple bird feeder from a tree and wait for birds to come and eat from it!

Source for photos: Mayford PreSchool

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Simple Bird Feeder Craft for Kids
March 6, 2021
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