Simple Turkey-Painting Craft for Preschoolers

Simple Turkey-Painting Craft for Preschoolers

Simple Turkey-Painting Craft for Preschoolers

At Cuddles and Cares Childcare, they did a fun and simple craft that the preschoolers loved! The children painted turkeys made out of blocks of wood for some Thanksgiving-themed fun. It was straightforward, colorful, and looked great!

Colorful turkeys

The kids used little paintbrushes and paint sponges so that they could apply a different color of paint to each block of wood that formed the turkey's tail feathers. The large palette they had to paint upon made it easy for them to cover each block of wood in a color and keep everything separate and neat. They also painted the body of the turkey brown and got to glue-on the turkey's face! This was a fun craft that got everyone in the Thanksgiving mood!

Source for photos: Cuddles and Cares Childcare

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Simple Turkey-Painting Craft for Preschoolers
November 17, 2020
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