Size and Location-Learning Games to Do Over Zoom

These games can easily be done with children via Zoom.

help them to picture different sizes of animals or objects as well as identifying what kinds of animals or objects are found on land, in the water, or in the air.

Size Game

This game is very simple and quite fun! You simply name an object and students say if it is big or small! For example, if you say, “Rice,” they would state, “Small,” and if you say elephant they say, “Big.” You can also reverse things and do the game where you say, “Tell me 3 small (or big) things,” and wait for the students to name them, making sure everyone says something unique!

Land, Water, or Air

To do this game you name an animal or object and the children say if it is found on land, in the water, or in the air. You could say one thing or a group of things. For example, “Plane, bird, cloud,” would have the children say, “Air!” and, “Whale, buoy, ship,” would result in the children stating, “Water.” This is another game where you can reverse things as well, such as requesting the children name 3 things found on land and then you wait for each child to do so.

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