Sorting and Patterning Activities

Tracey Lee Tolson
Sorting and Patterning Activities

Sorting and Patterning Activities

We have been working hard to learn to sort. This is a beginning mathematical skill we work on when school begins till school ends with higher levels of complexity. You can use many different tools to sort beginning with 3-d manipulatives to paper manipulatives. We have uses buttons, bears, shapes, and printable materials. I hope to instill a love of math as well as critical thinking with these activities. I hope all of my students will be able to organize, categorize, think like a mathematician or scientist and be successful with these early childhood activities. There are many resources to find sorting and categorizing activities and Teachers Mag is one of them. I am going to continue utilizing these activities to ensure success in my youngest and earliest learners in the PK 3 and PK 4 set. Lets keep the resources going and keep learning together

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Sorting and Patterning Activities
April 19, 2021
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