Special Education Preschool Teacher Looking For Resources

Bruce Dennison
Special Education Preschool Teacher Looking For Resources

Hello, I teach special education at the preschool level here in Maine and am pursuing my master's in early intervention. There never really seems to be enough time for lesson planning so very I'm excited to have found this site. I look forward to seeing what other resources are available here. I've only spent a few minutes looking around, but so far I love everything I've come across. Thank you for creating such a wonderful source of resources. I know that my students will enjoy them. I've already purchased a few things such as the firefighter lesson plan and the printables were a big success. I look forward to exploring and seeing what else the site might have to offer in the way of lesson plans focusing around popular themes such as dinosaurs and nessarry lesson plans focusing on identifying emotions and other common social and emotional developmental activities.

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Special Education Preschool Teacher Looking For Resources
October 12, 2021
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