Spider Web Gross and Fine Motor Activity

Spider Web Gross and Fine Motor Activity

Spider Web Gross and Fine Motor Activity

At Precious People Learning Center they had some indoor rainy-day fun! They took masking tape and stretched it all across the room and crisscrossed it to create a big imaginary spider web!

Gross motor benefits

The kids developed their gross motor skills by carefully trying to navigate around the spider web. They climbed over pieces and under other pieces as they worked to get from one end of the room to the other!

Fine motor benefits

Children took small pieces of paper and stuck them to the spider web, pretending these pieces were bugs and other prey of spiders. This required concentration and fine motor skills to carefully put papers on the, "Web," and then take them off.

Educational aspects

While doing this activity everyone was able to learn all about spiders. The kids learned how many kinds of spiders weave webs so that they can catch bugs and then eat them. It is both a spider's home and a trap for their prey!

Source for photos: Precious People Learning Center

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Spider Web Gross and Fine Motor Activity
September 18, 2020
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