Spiderweb-Themed Sticky Activity

Spiderweb-Themed Sticky Activity

Spiderweb-Themed Sticky Activity

At Giggles & Wiggles Family Daycare they did a fun and sticky activity themed for spiderwebs! The kids stuck little objects onto a sticky, "Web," and then took them off too. It was a fun tactile game that was easy to make.

Materials needed to make your spiderweb

To do this activity you will need:

*A hula hoop

*Clean shipping/packaging tape

*Toys or laminated paper to stick on (images of spiders, little balls, and so forth).

How to make your spiderweb

Create your web by following these steps:

1. Take the packaging tape and get a long line of tape out from it.

2. Pull the packaging tape from one end of the hula hoop to the other, filling some of the space in the hole with the sticky tape.

3. Repeat pulling tape and filling the hole until clear tape covers the open areas.

4. Take your laminated papers and toys and stick them on the web; take them off for fun too! It's just like a real spiderweb!

Source for photos: Giggle & Wiggles Family Daycare

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Spiderweb-Themed Sticky Activity
October 27, 2020
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