Spring butterfly super easy

Spring butterfly super easy

Spring butterfly super easy

Today we made a super easy spring butterfly, all you need is white or color paper, scissors, glue pen and pipe cleaner.

1. Draw on the paper circle and square. Then cut out of the paper circle and square. You can use color paper or just white paper and then color it with blopens or felt-tip pens as we did.

2. Glue circle to the one corner of the square.

3. Fold as a hand fan.

4. In the middle from pipe cleaner make an antennae for butterfly and voila butterfly is ready.

It was super easy and my 5 year old loved to make it so much. She made two different butterflies - one she colored with blopens and another colored with felt-tip pens.

This activity helps to improve fine motor skills, logical thinking, recognition of geometric shapes and if you use blopens then also its great breathing exercise.

Butterfly is so easy to make, that it can be done by smaller kids also, maybe with some assistance.

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Spring butterfly super easy
April 13, 2021
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