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Spring Play Dough Tinker Boxes

Tara Byram
Spring Play Dough Tinker Boxes

Spring Play Dough Tinker Boxes

I made tinker boxes for my kids to use with playdough. These boxes came from the dollar tree in the $3 section. All of the contents came from the dollar tree as well.

I was looking for items that had a spring theme to them but also had multiple items in the package. This way I would have enough items for with one box for several children or more boxes for one child.

In each of these spring boxes I have felt flower tops, felt leaves, wooden bunnies, faux grass bunnies, plastic knife, spring colored popsicle sticks, spring colored straws cut in various lengths, styrofoam eggs, flip frogs, pipe cleaners in a circular shape and wooden chicks in box number one. In box number two I have mini squishes (chick & bunny, popsicle sticks, felt flower tops and leaves, pencil grippers in shapes of animals, play dough lids with shapes (these were on a different brand of play dough from years past, dinosaurs, carrots wooden bunnies and chicks, and flower shaped buttons.

I place these on my play dough shelf and during center time the kids can go get a tray, can if play dough and a tinker box and create what ever they want to create.

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Spring Play Dough Tinker Boxes
March 1, 2023
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