Spring-Themed Decoration Ideas for Preschool Classrooms

Spring-Themed Decoration Ideas

At Evans Early Childhood in Fort Morgan, Colorado, the class put-up some seasonal decorations to show how ready everyone was for Spring!

This classroom’s students are known as the, “Butterfly Room,” so it is fitting they would put up such nice decorations that fit the theme of Spring when butterflies emerge and start fluttering about!

Beautiful Spring Decor

Spring is all about when flowers bloom, trees sprout leaves, and color returns where once the land had just been gray. The classroom decor was designed with this in mind! A variety of artificial and real-life plants and trees were set up in the classroom and it gave everything a very bright and cheery feel. To go with the theme of Spring, a little, “Cozy Corner,” was set-up too with a little light and seating to relax and enjoy the Spring-themed decor, much like how when we are actually outdoors in the Spring we will sit upon our porches and relax! The Butterfly Room had some great decorations and it really put everyone in the mood for Spring!

Evans Early Childhood
Fort Morgan, CO, United States

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