Stalks of Corn Bead Craft

Stalks of Corn Bead Craft

Stalks of Corn Bead Craft

At Paradise Daycare, they did a fun craft where they made stalks of corn out of beads. It was a fantastic craft that helped the students develop their fine motor skills and resulted in a beautiful little stalk of corn made out of beads once they were finished. The kids made multiple stalks they were having such a great time!

Having fun stringing the beads

The children had a lovely time gathering the string and putting it together so that once the beads were looped on and the other end was tied it would look like corn! The craft was very easy to do as only string and beads that were the correct color to simulate corn were needed. The class loved making the stalks of corn and building-up their fine motor skills.

Source for photos: Paradise Daycare

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Stalks of Corn Bead Craft
December 4, 2020
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