Starting Phonics Activity

Elena Evergreen
Starting Phonics Activity

Starting Phonics Activity

This is a fun activity to help children learn phonics starting with these sounds:

m a s d t


‌ Don't wait for your child to learn ALL the alphabets for them to start reading. Get them started with just these 5 sounds: m a s t d

mat, mad, dam, tam, sad, sat, tad, sam, mas, dad.

‌Say the sound before presenting the letter.

‌show them objects that start with the sound.‌

‌Orally blend the sounds.

ex. d. a. d. da. d. dad.

‌break down words into sounds

ex. cup c. u. p.

‌Get child to count the sounds that they can hear. Make it into a game.

‌The child needs to know the vocabulary becore blending. Choose words your child already knows.

‌Do NOT add "uh" at the end of the letter sound. ex. ah should be aa, buh should be b. ‌

‌Put dots under the single sounds‌

here's an example:

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Starting Phonics Activity
May 12, 2023
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