STEAM and Dramatic Play Center Ideas

STEAM and Dramatic Play Center Ideas

STEAM and Dramatic Play Center Ideas

Bright Horizons at Rockville had their students doing all kinds of fun and educational activities during centers! Some engaged in dramatic play as if they were doctors for babies as seen above, and others did all kinds of enjoyable STEAM activities!

Shape puzzles

One center had shape puzzles that the children had a fun time doing and solving.

Painting self-portraits

There was a center that had the kiddos painting self-portraits and expressing what they liked most about themselves!

Counting syllables in the name

Students counted up the syllables in their name, with many fun differences!

Examining with the microscope

The students studied various samples under the microscopes too.

Source for photos: Bright Horizons at Rockville and here, plus here, as well as this link, and lastly here .

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STEAM and Dramatic Play Center Ideas
October 8, 2021
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