Story Prompt Picture Cards for Creating a Tale

Story Prompt Picture Cards for Creating a Tale

Story Prompt Picture Cards for Creating a Tale

These pictures cards are designed to help students in creating their own short stories or sentences. Teachers or students can put the pictures together in any manner they like and then use them as a prompt to come up with a tale. This activity is great for promoting imaginative stories!

Making a story using pictures

This exercise is great for helping children to use the correct words for their stories. It helps to develop correct speech, use of imagination, and independent thinking.

You can print the two sheets, cut them into separate pieces, and then invite your child to choose a number of pieces to use. The student can connect them and then come up with a picture-based story.

Making a story based on the cards

There are 4 cards with an assortment of pictures on this worksheet. Children need to pick one of the cards and use all the items pictured to create a sentence or story. For example, "The boy was playing with blocks when his hungry dog came up to him and begged to be fed. The boy filled the dog's food bowl and then went back to playing with blocks."

Creating a story about a cat worksheet

This worksheet features images of a cat that can be moved around into various orders so as to allow children to think up a story about the cat.

An example of a story about this cat fishing

Once the cat had a dream about a tasty fish. Once the cat woke up it left the house. It saw some fish by the dock and tried to get them, but it fell in the water! The cat swam to land and dried off. Then it went home and just ate some cat food instead, but it wasn't happy about it!

How to Download for FREE

You can download all of these worksheets completely for free! Just follow the directions at this link and you will be able to get this and other fantastic activities for no cost!

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Story Prompt Picture Cards for Creating a Tale
September 24, 2021
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