String Lazer Maze Game for Preschoolers

String Lazer Maze Game for Toddlers
Adventure Place Child Development Center
(Uniontown, Ohio)

Why Threading, Lacing, and Other Games Are Important for Motor Skills

When toddlers are developing one key aspect of growth is their gross and fine motor skills. This activity allows them to take a laundry basket and (with an adult’s help) work on threading and lacing string to make what will later be the, “Lazers,” that have to be avoided. Then, once the string is in place the preschool student can have fun trying to put toys in and take toys out of the laundry basket without hitting the, “Lazer,” which also contributes to the growth of motor skills.

Adventure Place Child Development Center
(Uniontown, Ohio)

String Lazer Maze Preschool Game

The pictures shows Preschool Students “Adventure Place Child Development Center” (Uniontown, Ohio).

As this photos shows, the teachers and preschool students in the classroom were able to take a laundry basket and get it threaded and laced. Then, the students got to have fun trying not touch the, “Lazers,” while, “Rescuing,” their toys from the basket. To make the game extra fun and creative a parent or teacher can do funny voices of the stuffed animals, thanking the preschool student for getting them out of the basket and not touching the lazers. This will add a social element to the game as well and helps emphasize how it is good to help others–whether that means sharing toys or, “Rescuing,” those toys from a bunch of lazers! Literally all you need is a laundry basket, string/thread, and a preschool student ready to play!

Free Printable Maze

Should you and your preschool student want to try this fun activity out you can download a free printable maze for kids below! It will serve as a great way too boost those motor skills and have a fun time too!


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