Studying Construction | Construction Preschool Activities

Shari Hassell
Studying Construction | Construction Preschool Activities

Construction Preschool Activities
Photo: Touchstone School

The construction preschool activities are a great way to get your children interested in learning about the world around them in a fun, dynamic and productive way. We all know that preschoolers learn better if they are involved in the project and can use a range of senses to develop their knowledge.

Today over in Touchstone School, intermediate students in the kindergarten could be found working on a very interesting project.  All the students first completed some great construction preschool activities, learning all about construction!

Then together they worked as a team creating sand dirt. The children loved getting their fingers dirty in this interactive activity! After they had created their own construction sand, they all changed into their construction outfits, their yellow safety hard hats, and headed down to the sandpit to start working on their own construction project.

All the children had a lot of fun, learning about how different vehicles are used in construction, how they could use the sand dirt to create roads, structures and even change the terrain.

Studying Construction | Construction Preschool Activities
August 7, 2019
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